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Here is a list of images found in your application. One of the things that makes an application less portable than it should be is to reference images that are not in your Clarion /images/ directory since such images are stored in your app with a path name and anyone trying to compile your application on a different machine may not have those images on that particular path.

You can make your source application more portable by configuring the ApplicationImagesEx template to copy all the images in your app to a standard location or to the Clarion /images/ directory so they're all in one place instead of scattered all over your drive. Clarion templates, however, are not given write access to your screens in order to remove embedded paths from the image names. So it behooves you, after installing ApplicationImagesEx, to maintain application portability by checking for images with embedded paths and removing the path which will no longer be necessary once the image has been copied by the template to Clarion /images/.

Images below that show a "Yes" entry in the "Path" column are candidates for your attention. As long as a path is part of an image's description, it will cause a hassle for you should you want to move the source application to another system or to a client's computer. To remedy, go to the procedure named and remove the path from that image. To automate the consolidation of such images into a single location on your system, see the "List And Copy" dialog on ApplicationImagesEx if you haven't already done so.

Image Name Path Image Added By
(0001) cht_tool.ico None Procedure: ProcedureImagesEx
(0002) hnd2a_splash06b.jpg None Procedure: JumpStartSplashCHTBlue
(0003) hndaccessplash.gif None Procedure: ProcedureImagesEx
(0004) hndbu1_abc.ico None Procedure: Main
(0005) hndbu1_cancel.ico None Procedure: JumpStartManagePreBuiltQueriesIsam
(0006) hndbu1_cancel_sel.ico None Procedure: DecontainerizeByFilter
(0007) hndbu1_download.ico None Procedure: Main
(0008) hndbu1_edit-cut.ico None Procedure: Main
(0009) hndbu1_filmstrip-outline.ico None Procedure: Main
(0010) hndbu1_heart.ico None Procedure: Main
(0011) hndbu1_lightning.ico None Procedure: JumpStartManagePreBuiltQueriesIsam
(0012) hndbu1_minus.ico None Procedure: JumpStartManagePreBuiltQueriesIsam
(0013) hndbu1_player-play.ico None Procedure: Main
(0014) hndbu1_player-stop.ico None Procedure: Main
(0015) hndbu1_plus.ico None Procedure: JumpStartManagePreBuiltQueriesIsam
(0016) hndbu1_question.ico None Procedure: Main
(0017) hndbu1_refresh.ico None Procedure: Main
(0018) hndbu1_restart.ico None Procedure: Main
(0019) hndbu1_save.ico None Procedure: Main
(0020) hndbu1_web.ico None Template Added
(0021) hndchtbluepaneltall05.gif None Template Added
(0022) hndexit.ico None Procedure: ContainerizeByFilter
(0023) hndimpans.cur None Procedure: DecontainerizeByFilter
(0024) hndmyzipsxp.ico None Procedure: ContainerizeByFilter
(0025) hndmyzipsxp2.ico None Procedure: DecontainerizeByFilter
(0026) hndtools.ico None Template Added
(0027) hndtools_16.ico None Template Added
(0028) hndunchk.ico None Procedure: ContainerizeByFilter

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