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January 2017

January 26, 2017

CHT TookKit Facts Sheet + 2017 Forward Plans

Here is an overview of things we're doing and/or will be doing in 2017.

This isn't all of it by any means, but we can further summarize omitted items in subsequent "Facts Sheets".

This one is already long enough. And we have code to write!

Build 21A.XX.XX (January 2017)

We'll get these also into CHT subscriber inboxes right away.

Gus Creces
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January 22, 2017

January 22, 2017

CHT Build Update 21A.01.00 For C10 Just Posted

We've just posted Build 21A.01.00 for C10 to our update server.

To update, simply run HND_WBUPDATERC10.EXE located in your /accessory/hnd/ directory and it will update itself to the newest version JAN.22.2017.C012217 and then bring any changed installation containers up to date.

Remember to check the Config -> AutoContinue switch to "Checked" status before you begin as this will run the entire install (download + install) in one pass. Without that, it's easy to forget to run the second installation pass -- decontainerization (i.e. taking files out of the installation containers and putting them on your drive).

If you're unsure about whether your installation missed a step or you want to reassure yourself that the update process did what it was supposed to, run an .EXE located in \accessory\hnd\ called HNDZINDEX.EXE.

This app compares what you have on disk to what our build index says you should have on disk. If anything is found missing, it shows in the browse as a RED item and if anything is out of date or changed from what we've shipped in our build containers, it shows as YELLOW. A double-arrow button appears after you've run the first pass of this application. When you push that button it extracts RED and YELLOW files from the containers and places fresh copies of them onto your drive. On completion the app will report, that your installation is "100% up to date".


New Procedure Template

This build has one new procedure template with which to create six different variations of ListBoxBrowseExtender browses. See the new demo apps HNDPEOPLE_LBX.APP and HNDLBXEXAMPLE.APP. We'll have a slew of new ListBoxBrowseExtender videos coming in the next month or two, as we begin full-bore to delve into our 2017 development, writing and video schedule.


This application centers entirely around a new (JAN 2017) CHT procedure template called ListBoxBrowseExtenderClientServerBrowse.

It's a developer-interactive application intended to show (and let you practice) how any one or all six categories of ListBoxBrowseExtender browse procedures can be built using this one base procedure template.

It contains finished, example procedures, and equivalent similarly-named stub procedures which developers must complete in order to practice building identical functionality.

A series of videos will be attached to the "Help" menu of this application illustrating how each "stub" procedure can be turned into its finished namesake using this new procedure template.



There's also new app called HNDXSAKIT1.APP having to do with CHT-XSA-KIT-1.

This application serves as a repository application which pulls together the four separate Clarion projects that comprise CHT-XSA-KIT-01.

It serves only as a convenience to pull these four projects together for easy examination, compilation and customization where necessary.

The projects contained in CHT-XSA-KIT-01 are:

Because this is an .APP it is distributed only to subscribers to the full CHT Toolkit, as it uses CHT templates in its design.


The CHT 2017 development plan will arrive in your inbox via EMAIL by JAN 29th. We pushed this back while awaiting feedback from the CHT user base.

Keep an eye on our January 2017 What's New page over the coming week as we'll post information there about this build and our 2017 development plans as well.


Gus Creces
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January 22, 2017

January 17, 2017


We haven't spoken much about this app but it incorporates an entirely parallel thread of CHT web connectivity and data packaging and data serving from our extensive line of HTTP servers and clients which we discuss regularly.

We originally built this on SV's JSON data packaging and net connectivity classes in 2015, but found too many NET bugs and a lot of unreadable spaghetti code, that we decided to build separate CHT implementations upon which to structure our CHAT client and server.

Perhaps because we've not spoken much about this, we've seen no discussion or questions about it on the CHT Forum. At the moment it is a pure-text implementation with a central server. Anyone connecting to that server can send and receive messages to anyone else connected to the central server.

Since there has been NO interest expressed in this relatively new CHT implementation, we're throwing this message out there to see if, in 2017, this is of any interest to CHT Developers, or if we should continue to "leave it on a back burner".

We're leaving our own HNDCHATCLNT.APP (the client) running for the next 7 days if anyone wants to give this a try from your end. This client app does not ship pre-compiled so to try it and test it you'll need to compile HNDCHATCLNT.APP yourself. The source app is there in your HNDAPPS directory as always. The client has the server connect string including the IP and password so that you don't have to enter any credentials or URL to connect to the CHT server.


The server HNDCHATSVR.APP is already up and running as it has been throughout 2016. So you don't need to even look at that app unless you want to set up a CHAT Server/CHAT Client of your own on your own hardware.

We did speak in 2015 and perhaps also in early 2016, about SV's JSON data packaging being possibly incorporated as an option into our Client Data Server implementation. Currently CHT's Client DATA Server implementation uses XML data packaging. We chucked the use-SV-JSON notion pretty quickly when we realized just how buggy SV's JSON implementation was.

Since CHT (as of early 2016) now has a viable JSON implementation built from scratch, we will look at that again. That won't be to switch from XML data packaging to JSON, only to provide JSON data packaging as an alternative template option on the server side.

In the meantime, we'd appreciate some feedback about this CHAT implementation and if anyone sees it as something they could build into their own software as quick and dirty customer communications option.

This does not, at the moment, involve data PUSH the way that texting on a phone pushes messages up to your phone, whether you're on your phone at the moment or not. This chat client requires you to open a connection so that another connected client can direct a message to you. (Connected clients appear in the dropdown list. Select one, type a message and click send).

That does not mean to say, however, that PUSH of one sort or another can't be achieved. But before we even approach a PUSH implementation, the CHT community needs to indicate if something like this is of interest to them.

So our desktop chat client is connected and awaiting contact, and we'll be looking for a "HELLO" or something from the rest of you.


Gus Creces
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January 17, 2017

January 12, 2017

If there are any "Wish I had" requests or "I really need this" requests for 2017, we're busy summarizing CHT's 2017 TODO list.

We do this every year with CHT users, either directly like this, with all of you, or indirectly with a few CHT power users.

This is, of course, a hit and miss situation but it does help to keep CHT in-tune with the requirements or perceived requirements of Clarion/CHT developers around the planet.

In our NOV 7/2016 newsletter, we summarized what was promised for 2016 and what was delivered in 2016.

That included some hints about where CHT is headed for 2017. You can read that again for yourself if you've forgotten or just need a refresher.

CHT Build Update 20D.01.00 Features Review (NOV 2016)

Feel free to post on our forum, or to email directly, at:


Gus Creces
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January 12, 2017

January 1, 2017

Our best wishes to you and your family for this brand NEW YEAR.


We're looking forward to serving you in 2017!


Gus Creces
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January 1, 2017

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