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NEWS - JULY 2017

July 20, 2017
Four CHT Tile-Menu Videos

We've just posted 4 videos having to do with CHT Tile menus.

The first video discusses HNDPEOPLE_LBX.APP. This is an existing ListBoxBrowseExtender demo in which we've replaced the original standard MAIN window procedure with a CHT Tile-Menu procedure.

The second video discusses HNDDOCUMENTBUILDER.APP with which the tile menus HTML file running in HNDPEOPLE_LBX.APP was created.

The third video discusses HNDTILEMENUEXAMPLE.APP. This is a one procedure application which again illustrates CHT tile menus being used to launch a variety of CHT utility applications.

The fourth video discusses the use of CHT Code Documentation Editor and HNDDOCUMENTBUILDER to create a new XML template based on a previous one. We copied 000tilemenuexample.xml to 000tileadvertexample.xml in order to create a tile menu screen which provides for a small amount of explanatory text to appear below each tile. The video goes into modification of the CSS class div.tile in order to show how easy it is to modify a few properties in one or more CSS classes to change the properties (think display features) of the "div" (think display box) represented by any "div" structure.

To view these videos, start an app in your /accessory/hnd/ directory called:
(CHT Video Education Player) or HNDVIDEOEDUCATION.EXE.

Pull down the videos dropdown menu in this application and select, in order, starting with the first one, the first three videos described there. Best to watch them in the order presented 1, 2, 3, 4 since the #2, #3 and #4 videos follow up on the #1 video.

Alternatively, here are four direct links to these videos for interested non-subscribers who may not have access to CHT Video Education Player:


Tile Menus + LBX Example (30 Min)


HTML from XML Templates (12 Min)


Tile Menu Example App (7 Min)


Document Builder XML (40 Min)

We hope you find these useful and enlightening.

And of course, if any questions arise as you're watching, write them down and feel free to ask them on the CHT subscriber forum.

July 11, 2017
3rd Quarter CHT Build 21C.00.00 (Now Available)

As of 4pm EDT July 11th, 2017...

We've just finished posting and download testing the first 3rd quarter 2017, CHT build numbered 21C.00.00.

Our installer creates a "The Clarion Handy Tools C10" folder on your Win 10 machine which you can find in the "T" section of the Windows Menu. (see next three images)




CHT WebupdaterC10 is near the bottom of this list as per the image.

That's all for now. we'll be sending around a summary email to all subscribers in the next week, as well as posting information on our Subscriber Forum and here, on our July What's New Page.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

July 1, 2017
The Latest Docs (Regenerated Monthly)

The latest template documents (HTML/PDF) are here:

CHT Template Docs



The latest demo application docs are here:

CHT Application Docs



The latest utility application docs are here:

CHT Utility Applications Docs



The latest BATCH-BOT and SNAP-IN application docs are here:

CHT Batch-Bot Application Docs



The latest classes docs are here:

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